I open my eyes - 2021

'I open my eyes'.  This work, made during the winter lockdowns is about looking and noticing the details around us is currently on exhibition at the Summer Salon group exhibition at the Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery in Southport, Queensland, Dec 11 2021 - January 12 2022.
Pencil drawing with coloured pencils and pastel on 300gsm cartridge paper.
60x60cm square unframed.  

wetland - 2021

In a watery drawing mood.
This work titled 'wetland' is the sister to my recent work about the tides.
Wetland habitats are underappreciated and are essential to the function of an ecosystem - they are water filters habitat for wildlife and spawning grounds for fish and water creatures.  
Pencil, pastel and coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper.
Each section 64x14cm, the whole 76x56cm unframed.

push and pull - 2021

Ebb and flow. Push and pull. The ocean is timeless, mysterious and vast beyond comprehension, a line on the horizon that becomes the sky - ever present, ever out of reach.  We are drawn to it for its restorative power, its mystery and its abundance.
Pencil, coloured pencil and pastel on Stonehenge paper.
Each section is 64x14cm, the whole 76x56cm unframed.

habitat series - All Eyes on the Prize - 2021

The fabulous and ubiquitous banksia integrifolia.  Not pretty but scruffy and weather-shaped - they are the enduring guardians of our foreshore, helping to stabilise the dunes and provide habitat for many bird species.
'habitat 1' is one of two works in the group exhibition 'All Eyes On The Arts' opening 17 April 2021 at the Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery in Southport, Qld.  Photographed in my studio when just back from the framer.
Assembled pencil and pastel drawings on 300gsm cartridge paper.
700mm square framed.

a marked change in form - 2021

This work, titled 'paper memory' is my contribution to the c.a.s.e. members group exhibition 'a marked change in form' at m.arts precinct in Murwillumbah, opening Friday Feb 5 2021.
For this exhibition we were all supplied with 10 large sheets of heavy cartridge paper and invited to make a 3D work that explores and celebrates the qualities of the material.
Here is my artists statement about my work -
'A paper story..... this heavy paper has a beautiful surface, perfect for drawing. It is made from wood pulp. It was a tree. Wood warps, branches twist and fallen leaves curl as they dry out and decay. This paper also curls as it responds to moisture in the air around it  - paper memory'.   
Pencil and pastel pencil on 300gsm cartridge paper.  Each square is 10x10cm, the whole is 62cm square.

backyard and thereabouts 2021

'backyard and thereabouts'   From a series of large drawings made during the 2021 lockdowns - taking inspiration from the familiar and the near while opportunities were limited.  Pencil and coloured pencil with monoprints on 300gsm cartridge paper. 115 x 77cm unframed.


Postcard sized art - 2021

I have been framing some of my postcard project works - in vertical strips of 2, 3 and 4. These are from a recent and continuing series of drawings of shadows and light under trees. Pencil and ground charcoal on paper. Each card is 22x14cm, frame size 37 x 54cm. 

More postcards 2021

More from my ongoing postcard project.  These newly framed works have two cards per frame.  Pencil and pastel on 300gsm cartridge paper. Each card is 22x14cm, frame size 43 x 37cm. 

habitat series - All Eyes on the Arts - 2021

One of two works included in the exhibition 'All Eyes On The Arts' at the Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery in Southport Qld, April 2021. This work was made in response to the devastating bushfires of 2020, trying in the midst of that horror to have faith in the ability of the bush to regenerate.
'habitat 2', pencil and pastel drawing on 300gsm cartridge paper. 820x615cm framed.

leaf and bough series 2020

From a series of drawings about nature and connections. I listened to two audio books about trees while working on thus series and hope I have been able to express my awe and admiration for these extraordinary life forms. Their strength and tolerance is very humbling. Tree love!
'leaf and bough'   graphite, charcoal and pastel pencils with collaged monoprints. 70cm square unframed.

Semi-finalist, Byron Arts Magazine Art Prize 2021

My entry in the 2021 BAM Art Prize is a semifinalist.  So pleased! 
The work is a pencil drawing about trees.

leaf and bough 1
pencil drawing with monoprint and collage
'Trees offer a quiet strength and we can only wonder at the infinite complexity and beauty of their form and foliage.  
Their presence is a beautiful and precious gift.'

The 2019 Linden Post Card Show

The Linden Post Card Show - an open entry small artworks exhibition, now in it's 29th year, is on again.  These are my two entires, titled 'skyabove earth below I and II' series.  Pencil drawing with monoprint and collage, each 25x20cm.   The exhibition is on until Feb 9 2020 at 26 Acland Street, St Kilda, Melbourne.  https://lindenarts.org/exhibitions/linden-postcard-show-2019-20



The c.a.s.e Post Card Show 2019

The iconic c.a.s.e Post Card Show is popular than ever with almost 500 entries received. This year's theme was 'between here and there'.  Here are three of my five entries in that exhibition.  Pencil drawing with monoprint and collage. Each 18x13cm.  The exhibition is open to all.  Byron School of Art Project Space, Mullumbimby, 30 August - 1 September 2019.

August 2019 - a little piece of history..













          A story...   In 1966 when I was a shy 16 year old art student at Sale Technical College in Victoria, I won a design competition for a mural for the town's Regional Art Centre.  I remember the staff and students of the college art department made and glazed hundreds of small coloured tiles and made a mould for the fibreglass frame.  I don't remember much else and my family moved away from the area before the piece was installed.  The amazing thing is that it is still there all these years later - and is much loved it seems. Thanks to Gippsland Art Gallery for posting this little piece of town history on their Facebook page.   https://tinyurl.com/y5nemhmz    https://www.gippslandartgallery.com/


pop-up, Tweed Regional Gallery - Feb 2019

I am setting up a small pop-up studio in the foyer of the Tweed Ragional Gallery for 3 days in February - Wednesday 6, Friday 8 and Sunday 10, 11am until 3pm.  I'll be there doing some drawing and a lot of chatting, come by and say hello.  My exhibition is in it's second last week, it's been a great pleasure to have my work on show in this beautiful space. 
Pictured -  the pop-up studio wall.

attached to the rest of the world - Dec 2018


My solo exhibition 'attached to the rest of the world' is on at the Tweed Regional Gallerty and Margaret Olley Art Centre in Murwillumbah from the 7 Dec 2018 until 17 February 2019.  The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday weekly.
pictured above - 'attached to the rest of the world V' pencil and pastel on paper, 42 x 15cm
pictured below - 'sky above earth below I and II, pencil drawing with collaged monoprints.  57.5 x 57cm


attached to the rest of the world, Dec 2018

'when one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.' (John Muir, American naturalist, environmental philosopher and pioneer glaciologist. 1838-1914)

This body of work is a series of observational pencil drawings of details from nature highlighting the interconnectivity of all things, seen and unseen.  Nothing in nature exists in isolation but is part of a complex and intimate relationship with the whole.

I am interested in the micro rather than the macro view of the world and believe that the 'small picture' is important.  Ecologically the story has always been in the details - evolution and adaptation, balance and interdependence between all species and life forms, including humans.  The work of nature is not static.  Ceaseless cycles of creation and destruction make for a constantly changing and evolving place.  The environment is simultaneously timeless and fresh, enduring and fragile, minute and vast.   

My drawing practice is about looking, seeing and noticing.  I love the simplicity of pencil on paper.  No frills no fuss.  Just the hand and eye of the artist - and the response to the subject matter.  There is an immediacy in drawing - using the generosity of graphite to express a full range of dark and light, detail and broad stroke, observation and emotion.
pictured - transience 2, pencil and collaged monoprints on paper 57 x 76c,

The Summer Exhibition, Dec 2018

I have a couple of works in the summer exhibition at the Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery again this year.  The exhibition runs from December 1 until the end of February 2019 at 87 Ridgeway Ave, Southport.  'gathering', pencil drawing on collaged monoprints,  38 x 14cm.   





Contemporary Botanica, September 2019

One of a small selection of work that will be on show at the Contemporary Botanica exhibition at the Botanical Bazaar, Sunday September 16, 9am-4pm. 231 Beaudesert Nerang Rd, Nerang, Qld. Pencil drawing on watercolour wash. 28 x 24.5cm.


c.a.s.e group exhibition, September 2019

My contribution to the c.a.s.e members group exhibition is titled 'self portrait of the artist not panicking'.
For this project we were all given an identical box of materials (blue ink, black and white acrylic, clay, plaster, etc) and other bits and pieces (sandpaper, wax, feather and more) and a huge piece of paper - to make a piece of work under the theme 'in c.a.s.e of emergency'. 
'in c.a.s.e of emergency' is on at Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina NSW Sept 9 - 23 2018. 

The c.a.s.e Post Card Show, July 2018

The c.a.s.e Post Card Show is on again in Mullumbimby.  This years theme is 'after the longest night'.  These are my three entries, all pencil and pastel drawing on folded monoprint, 18 x 13cm.  The exhibition is open to all.  Byron School of Art, Mullumbimby July 19-21.


The Border Art Prize, May 25 2018

I have an entry in The Border Art Prize again this year.  The drawing is titled 'Postcards from Sir Joseph'. I am a bit obsessed with the local coastal banksia species - banksia integrifolia. The Border aArt Prize is held every two years at the Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre in Murwillumbah NSW, and is on 25 May - 15 July.  Pencil drawing on paper, 42 x 15cm. 

Brisbane Art Prize, October 2017

Pleased to be a finalist in the 2017 Brisbane Art Prize with my drawing 'passing through'.  The theme of the exhibition is life.  Pencil and pastel on paper, 43 x15cm.  On at the Judith Wright Centre in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane  Aug 15-21.

passing through



30x30 art piece gallery Art Prize, Nov 2017

I am thrilled to have two drawings selected as a finalists in the inaugural 30x30cm artpiece gallery prize.   This new, national, non-acquisitive prize is for a 2D work of art in any medium measuring 30 x 30 cm.  The finalists exhibition and award ceremony will be held Saturday Nov 25 2017, and the exhibition runs until 22 January 2018.  art piece gallery, Burringbar St, Mullumbimby NSW.

Arcadia, Places and Pleasures - Nov 2017

I have two small framed drawings in the summer exhibition at Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery - 'Arcadia, Places and Pleasures'.
The exhibition runs until the end of February at the Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, 87 Ridgeway Ave, Southport, Queensland.

tidelinePictured -  'tide line', carbon pencil on collaged monoprint textures, 28.5 x 13.5cm.

News - Linden Post Card Show - Nov 2017

Two of my three entries have been selected for the fabulous Linden Post Card Show - an open entry small artworks show that has been running since 1990.  The exhibition runs from 10 November 2017 - 23 February 2018 at Domain House, Dallas Brooks Drive, South Yarra, Victoria. More drawings in my continuing obsesssion with banksia integrifolia.  Pencil on collaged monoprints, each 25 x 20cm.postcards

News - Milburn Art Prize, April 2017

 Great news - my entry in the Milburn Art Prize is one of six works that have been highly commended.  Thirty four works were selected as shortlisted finalists in the competition.
The work is a series of four pencil drawings with monoprints titled 'a rock and a hard place''.  The work is about perseverance and tenacity in the face of hardship or difficult circumstances.
Framed size -108cm x 69cm






The Milburn Art Prize is an annual exhibition open to artists from SE Queensland and Northern NSW.  The exhibition opens Friday April 28 and closes May 12 at the Brisbane Institute of Art, 41 Grafton Street, Windsor, Brisbane.    

Once Upon A Summers Eve, Dec 2016

I have three small framed drawings in 'Once Upon a Summer's Eve' - the end of year mixed exhibition at Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery in Southport, Qld.   The exhibition ends at the end of February 2017.
Pictured - 'a silent and shady place' pencil on monoprint,  20x20cm








Exhibition - The Quiet Observers, Oct 2016

I am one of three artists taking part in an exhibition of small works titled 'The Quiet Observers' to be held at The Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery in Southport Qld, opening Saturday October 8 2016 and continuing until November 30.
image - sum of the parts #12, pencil and pastel on collaged monoprints, 41cm x 14.5

sum of the parts





News - Brisbane Art Prize, August 2016

My entry in the Brisbane Art Prize is one of 115 pieces selected for exhibition.  The drawing,  pencil on Stonehenge paper, is a response to the 2016 theme - the meaning of life.  The drawing is one of a serties of three pieces titled - Life Itself.   All works must be 40cm x 40cm framed.

The exhibition is on from Monday August 15 - Sunday 21 August
at the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts,
420 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. 
The Awards Night is Thursday 18 August.

News - instagram, May 2016

Well - finally.  I am now on Instagram!  I will be posting pics of new works and drawings in progress.
You can follow me there at  https://www.instagram.com/carolyn_delzoppo_art/
I promise never to post photographs of meals or my beautiful dogs.  Just drawing.

Border Art Prize - May 2016

My entry in the 2016 Border Art Prize is a unique state artists book titled - 'a book of leaves'.  The book contains 39 individual pencil studies of leaf forms - combined with collaged monoprints of textures or plants. 
'I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars'. Walt Whitman 1855





Above:  3 of the studies, each 60cm x 15cm.

exhibition - walk look see - May 2016

During my residency at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens I spent a lot of time drawing the magnificent grove of bunya trees - my favourite part of the Gardens.  I wanted to try to communicate something of the powerful presence of these elegant trees - and also some of the characteristic prickliness of the foliage and limbs.








This charcoal drawing - a collage of several views of the grove is 54 x 62cm.

exhibition - walk look see - May 2016

These images are from a series of 10 framed drawings of details from the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens titled 'sum of the parts'.
The drawings  are mostly pencil with touches of pastel or gouache on collages of  monoprints that I make from actual plants or textures.  I like to create layers of visual interest and detail in my work so that - just like nature - there will be a lot to see.




I have chosen to respond to the Gardens in the most simple way - pencil on paper.  I enjoy the immediacy of drawing and also the contemplative nature of observing and recording.  There is an honest simplicity in interpreting the visual into line and tone in two dimensions.




Images - sum of the parts #3 and #8.
41 x 14.5cm pencil pastel on collaged monoprints

Exhibition - walk look see - May 2016

The exhibition of work from my 2015 Artist-in-Residency at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens is now finished.  Thank you to all who visited the show and were so positive and supportive.
I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend a year exploring and responding to that beautiful place.  I produced more than 100 drawings of which 45 or so were included in this exhibition.
I want to thanks the staff and management of the Gardens for their assistance and support throughout my year.  I loved every minute of my time there.

This is a view of the exhibition looking out through the front of the Richard Randall Studio.

Exhibition - Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, May 2016

I'll be sitting the exhibition every day and hope to see you there.invitation

News - Byron Arts Classic - March 2016

My entry in this year's Byron  Arts Classic is one of a series of pencil studies of drying leaves - titled 'to the ground'.   There are three in the series which deals with the natural cycle of growth, decay and regeneration of trees.
This piece received a highly commended in Works on Paper section of the exhibition.
These works (and many others) will be part of my forthcoming exhibition at Mt-Coot-tha Botanic Gardens May 6-13 2016.

to the ground

News - Florressence, November 2015

wlsI will be displaying a small selection of works from my residency at Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens on the weekend of November 20 - 22 as part of the 'Floressence' the annual exhibition of the Botanic Artists Society of Queensland. 

Friday and Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 9am - 3pm

My major solo exhibition will be in the Richard Randall Studios at the Gardens, May 7-16 2016

pictured - walk / look / see 1, pencil on collaged monoprints. 43 x 29cm





2015 Artist in Residence: Mt-Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

The on-site four weeks of my residency is over and it was wonderful to have such a focussed time with the Gardens.  I loved every minute of it. studio


I will be showing a small selection of work during the Botanic Artist's Society of Queensland Annual  Exhibition 'Floressence' at the Gardens, November 20 - 22 and in May 2016 will have a solo exhibition in the Richard Randall Studio of work produced during the residency.   The exhibition dates are - Friday May 6 until Sunday May 15 2016.

2015 Artist in Residence: Mt-Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

The on-site part of my year's residency begins Monday July 13 and I will be there very day until August 9.  I will be setting up my workspace in the Richard Randall Studio which will be open to visitors Fridays Saturdays and Sundays 11am until 3pm on those four weeks.   I have been visiting the gardens every two or three weeks throughout the year and have been drawing at the bunya grove and also in the Seed Lab.  There will be a display of works completed so far and also ongoing projects.  Visitors are invited to draw a tree or part of a tree (or even a leaf) and these drawings will be displayed in the studio.  The gardens are a very inspiring place for visual artists.
Visitors are very welcome to come say hello, spend time in the studio and wander and look.
Below - drawing pressed specimens in the Seed Lab.








News - Byron Arts Classic - April 1 2015

banksia collage

My artwork 'Banksia Integrifolia - cycle' has won first prize in the Works on Paper section at the 2015 Byron Arts Classic.
The piece is a series of collages of monotype prints of drypoint drawings of banksia seed cones and flowers created last year in the height of my banksia obsession.  I came to love these ubiquitous coastal trees - scruffy tough sentinels of the beaches, with their own practical grace and beauty.

The work is 73cm x 76cm framed.

The Byron Arts Classic is on at the Byron Community Centre, Jonson Street Byron Bay until April 7 2015.

News - Artist in Residence - March 2015

This is going to be an exciting year.

I have been appointed the 2015 artist-in-residence at the Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens in Brisbane.  A heavenly gig!  I will be spending time drawing in the Gardens throughout the year, and then in July/August I will be in residence in the Richard Randall Studio for four weeks.  The studio will be open to the public Fri Sat Sun 11am - 3pm during that month. I will be showing a small selection of work during the Botanic Artist's Society of Queensland Annual  Exhibition 'Floressence' at the Gardens in November and a solo exhibition during May 2016.

This is a panel from an ongoing series of studies of plant specimens.  There are nine of them so far each 42cm x 15cm.image

New work - November 2014


Recently I have become more interested in using a limited palette of colour - mostly black and white with pale washes of tone.  I love the look of silver cloisonne line in clear enamel - subtle, elegant and beautiful.  These pendants feature a range of different semi-precious gemstones  - iolite, green tourmaline and amethyst.   Pendants are approx 30mm x 28mm and are threaded onto black rubber.  Click on the Gallery to see more new pendants.

Printmaking - July 2014

I have been playing with experimental printmaking techniques for some time now, either using them as a base for my drawings or as unique state monotypes. 
One of two pieces I entered in the 2014 National Awards Exhibition of the Australian Society of Miniature Art has won the award for the Most Innovative Work (2nd Prize).  I'm really thrilled - it is very encouraging to receive this peer group acknowledgement.  The pieces are a continuation of my interest in the local landscape of the caldera region.

'Here Now I' and 'Here Now II'  - 10cm x 10cm



The exhibition is at the Ewart Gallery, 33 Laurel St, Willoughby until Saturday August 2. 

Drawing - The Rim - May 2014

Ithe rim

My entry in the Border Art Prize has won second prize!  I am truly chuffed and a little stunned too.  The artwork is part of a series of individual studies of plants and formations in the Caldera region where we live.  The piece is titled 'The Rim' and uses 4B lead pencil and pastel on charcoal-water monotype prints.   It is 105cm x 64cm.

The exhibition is at The Tweed Regional Art Gallery in south Murwillumbah from Friday 13 June - Sunday 3 August.   The Border Art Prize is an annual exhibition that is shared between Tweed Regional Art Gallery and Gold Coast City Art Gallery and is held at those venues in alternate years.

Click on Gallery, then Drawings on the right to see details.

Exhibitions - March 2014

pendantsI have some new work in two exhibitions in April.

In Sydney, jeweller members of the Arts and Crafts Society of NSW are exhibiting work in an exhibition themed - 'Stories'.

My jewellery for Stories is inspired by the cycles of life in my garden.  The seasons, the weather, and light and dark all bring influence to what grows (or doesn’t grow) in that interconnected habitat of plants and small creatures.   Seeds sprout, vegetables form, flowers bloom and fade.  There are thousands of small stories in a backyard garden.  These pendants are influenced by the colours of dawn and dusk.

In Darwin, I am one of ten jewellers taking part in 'Alluring' - an exhibition of new innovative work. 

Pendants -
stg and fine silver, cloisonne enamel, black rubber
32mm x 22mm

  April 8-27 2014     Craft NSW - 104 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney
April 3-30 2014     Framed - The Darwin Gallery - 55 Stuart Highway,Stuart Park, Darwin

Commission - Dec 2013

This triptych, named 'In The Garden, Future In The Present' has been a special commission.   The piece deals with the relationship between us and our natural environment and the importance of bio-diversity and seeds to our future.

The clients, one of whom is an accomplished enameller herself, provided the widest of briefs that consisted of an insightful (and helpful) list of the things that appeal to them about my work. 
These included -

- the integration of different motifs to form a design
- the use of internal divisions of contrasting colour, or internally framed motif elements, linked by the intrusion of elements from one compartment into or over another
- the breaking of both internal frame boundaries and the external boundary by some of the motif elements
- the delicacy of approach to colour and line weight, and the perception of depth within the piece by the use of colour gradation 

With these guidelines I was free to design and make something special for them.  The piece is an extension of an earlier series of square miniatures named 'In The Garden'.

Triptych – In the Garden, Future In the Present
Cloisonné enamel on fine silver
1800mm x 60mm

New work - September 2013

These pendants and other new work will be on show as part of an exhibition of the Queensland Enamellers Guild to be held in Brisbane in November.  I have been invited to be guest artist this year. 
The exhibition will be held at The Richard Randall Art Studio in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Coot-tha.  November 1- 3.  Hours - Friday and Saturday 9:30 am - 5 pm, Sunday 9:30 am - 3pm
55mm x 22mm
Sterling and fine silver, cloisonne enamel, peridot, amethyst and tourmaline.

Drawing - September 2013

I have had one of my drawings accepted as a finalist in the 2013 Caldera Art Prize exhibition to be exhibited Oct 28 - Dec 6 at the Caldera Art Gallery, World Heritage Rainforest Centre, Murwillumbah.  The exhibition is to celebrate the biodiversity of the region and to highlight conservation issues.

Bastard Weeds Study #6
pencil, pastel, gouache on paper
760mm x 550mm
bastard weeds
Weeds.  Like it or not, they are a part of our environment.  Like all gardeners, I do continual battle with weeds and have developed a grudging admiration for them.  Their tenacity and devious ability to propagate themselves and to distribute their seed is extraordinary.  However it was only when I started looking closely at weeds as part of a series of botanical drawings that I came to see many of them as quite beautiful as well.  In reality, weeds such as tobacco bush, lantana, crofton weed, ageratum and molasses grass are a serious ecological problem and a major threat to our biodiversity.  Sometimes  I try to imagine what the landscape would look like if we could have that magic wand and make them disappear.  That would be really effective weeding!

For more drawings of weeds - click on Gallery - Drawings

New gallery section - May 2013

botanical drawingI have added a third category to my gallery pages -  drawings.

I’ve been doing a lot of it this past year, in between enamel work.  Life drawing when I can find a group, but mostly smaller botanical studies of plants in the garden using pencil and mixed media. 

I’ve become a bit obsessed!

To see more, click on gallery then drawings.  I'll be adding more images every now and then.

Commission - December 2012

I have just completed a commission for a cloisonne enamel pendant featuring an opal.  The client had seen a picture of a brooch from the ‘In The Garden’ series which featured an opal and an amethyst - but she didn’t wear brooches.  Could I make a pendant for her instead?   Yes I would love to!  Most of my brooch designs could easily be adapted to be suspended from a chain.

The pendant is 34mm x 34mm - a little smaller than the brooches. It includes a beautifully coloured 12x6mm oval crystal opal from Quilpie, is set in a sterling silver frame and hangs from a heavy 3mm snake chain choker.  It has been a pleasure to make this piece.

Commission - November 2012

Once again I have been commissioned by
Australian author Bryce Courtenay to make cloisonne enamel brooches illustrating a character or scene from his newest novel. 

The brief was simple - the brooches were to be a picture of an congo african grey parrot holding a jack of diamonds playing card in it's beak.  The birds are beautiful and quite dynamic with grey feathers and a cheeky bright red tail.  As the deadline was quite short, the brooches needed to be as simple as possible.

The brooches are cloisonne and champleve enamel 45mm x 46mm.

'Jack of Diamonds' was launched November 12 in Canberra.

Postscript.  Bryce Courtenay passed away November 22.  I never met Bryce but had some lovely phone conversations with him about jewellery and his brooch commisssions.  He was very knowledgeable about enamel and techniques and was a perfect client.   He would give me the briefest of descriptions of what he wanted, I would email a drawing to him, he would enthusiastically approve it and then just trust me to do the work.   It has been a great pleasure to work for him.

New work September 2012

red brooch with square amethystAnother brooch using imagery from the garden and amethyst.                              The brooch is cloisonne enamel on fine silver, with a beautiful square cut amethyst and is set in a sterling silver frame 38mm x 33mm.


New work June 2012

This is one of two brooches made for Architextural - a group exhibition of jewellery inspired by architecture.

The brooches are based on the patterns made by the grid of house plans and views from above.  This brooch is 30mm square and is made from cloisonne and champleve enamel, fine and sterling silver. 

I have been taking a bit of a break from enamelling this year, and have been exploring other art mediums including drawing and linocut.  It's been great to step away from the intensity of this miniature art form and find new ways to be creative,  Funny though - just when I wasn't thinking jewellery at all, the designs for these brooches evolved from other drawings.  They immediately looked like cloisonne brooches.  Once an enameller, always an enameller! 

Architextural opens 6.00pm 31st of July at the Craft NSW Gallery, 104 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000. and runs until August 19.

New work November 2011

I have some new beautiful Quilpie crysytal opalbrooch
that I have set into a pair of brooches again using imagery from the garden.

I am in love with the combination of opal and amethyst - and keep returning to it in this series.  There's something about the colour violet and the soft blues and green of the opal that works so well with the enamel - each complimenting and bringing out the best in the other.

The pictured brooch is cloisonne enamel on fine silver, with a pear shaped crystal opal and a rectangular amethyst, set in a sterling silver frame 36mm x 36mm.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor - Brisbane October 2011

Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor is an exhibition celebrating 100 years of International Womens Day.  100 Australian women jewellers were invited to make brooches telling the stories of 100 notable Australian women. 

I was very pleased to have an opportunity to make a brooch honouring the garden designer Edna Walling for this exhibition.   I have long been an admirer of her pioneering design philosophies and her championing of relaxed natural garden design.  All a bit messy and comfortable, just the way I like gardens to be. 

However it was Edna’s drawings that really fascinated me when I started looking through books about her.  Her soft hand-coloured pen and ink garden plans have a beauty and originality of their own – and it was these that I used as inspiration for my brooch.  I used the fine silver lines that are so characteristic of cloisonne to emulate her drawing of plants and rock work paths, and her limited palette of pinks, greens and lavender for colour.  I added gemstones in the exact colours of her painting to add richness and highlight to the brooch. 
edna walling
This inspiring exhibition opened at Gallery Artisan in Brisane 3 September 2011 and will be travelling to selected regional galleries throughout 2012 and 2013.  An itinerary can be viewed at   http://www.artisan.org.au/index.php/gallery/tinker-tailor-soldier-sailor

New work August 2011

This is the first of four new pieces for the 'In The Garden' series of cloisonne enamel miniatures.  The series deals with our presence and relationship with plants and gardens.  I am asked sometimes what the figures mean.   The figures are us, you and I - and represent our 'better selves'.
The panel is 600mm x 600mm (320mm x 360mm framed)


New work - June 2011

night and day broochesI have just completed two more brooches in the Night and Day series. 

The brooches are designs of silouettes of plant forms and reflections of silvery night light on leaves.  I have used a combination of cloisonne and champleve enamel techniques, and have included an amethyst cabachon in one of the brooches.  

Each brooch is 58mm x 18mm and is set in a sterling silver frame.

Exhibition - Melbourne, June 2011

Leaves of Glass





The enamel exhibition 'All Fired Up' has moved from The Goldsmiths Gallery in San Remo to the Ken Gray Alister Reid Gallery in Collins Street.

A small collection of my brooches, pendants and earrings as well as several framed miniatures are included in the exhibition which will run for most of June.

Pictured - framed mainiature cloisonne enamel 'Leaves of Glass'  120mm x 60mm

The Gray Reid Gallery is at 156 Collins Street Melbourne.

Bench Mark - London Jewellery Week, June 2011

In The GardenI will be one of six enamellers from the gallery Studio Fusion who will be included in a joint exhibition of jewellers from the Oxo Building participating in London Jewellery Week.

The exhibition titled 'Bench Mark' celebrates traditional jewellery hand skills and for Studio Fusion Gallery it is an opportunity to re-emphasize their enduring commitment to enamelling.  Work from enamellers Sarah Letts, Joan MacKarell and Tamar Winter, Jane Short, Jane Moore and myself will be featured.

Among the new work that I have made for this exhibition is this brooch featuring a stunning Quilpie crystal opal with flashes of red, hot pink, green and blues, and an amethyst.  The brooch is 35mm x 35mm.

The exhibition will open on 6th June and runs until 24th July 2011.

Studio Fusion Gallery is located on the first floor of the contemporary design complex of the Oxo Tower Wharf on London's South Bank.

Exhibition - San Remo Gippsland May 2011

 I will have a small collection of work in the enamel exhibition 'All Fired Up' at The broochGoldsmiths Gallery in San Remo Victoria during the Gippsland 'Light' Festival, 4-26 May 2011.

Brooches, pendants and earrings as well as several framed miniatures will be on display. Pictured is a brooch from the Poinciana Series.

The exhibition will move to the Ken Gray Alister Reid Gallery, Collins Street Melbourne in June.

New work December 2010


I have just completed another brooch using a beautiful Andamooka opal.  I have tried to emulate and compliment the cool blues and greens of the stone, as well as the repeating the unusual marquis shape in line and solid silver shapes.
The brooch is 43mm x 43mm and is cloisonne and champleve enamel on fine silver, set in a sterling silver bezel

An exhibition about food - December 2010

fruit and seeds

I have three small framed miniatures on display as part of the Eat / Paint / Love exhibition of artworks about food being held at Still@the Centre Gallery in Byron Bay, opening Friday Dec 9.

The works are from a continuing series dealing with the importance of seeds and plant diversity to the world's food sources.



Local exhibition - November 2010

pendantA small collection of jewellery and framed miniatures is on show as part of a diverse exhibition of jewellery at Art Piece Gallery in my home town in Mullumbimby until January 2011.
Pictured - Brooch - 'Spring Wind', cloisonne and champleve enamel in fine silver with citrine.

New work - November 2010

I have been setting crystal opals with enamel for several years now – mostly for an opal retailer in Sydney.  Occasionally I make pieces to sell through my regular outlets as well.

broochThis is a recent piece using an Andamooka opal.  It is a cloisonné and champleve enamel brooch that includes a small square cabochon amethyst as well. 

Opal and enamel can be a stunning combination.  It is an enjoyable and subtle design exercise to set them together.   Care must be taken with colour choices as some colours combined with the opal will steal the stones strength, and others will actually enhance the beauty of the opal.   Crystal opals are my favourite and work best with the transparent luscious colours of the enamel.  The beautiful translucent clarity of the stones with their flashes of blues, greens and sometimes a little red or violet, are very alluring.

A special commission - October 2010

In September I was commissioned by Australian author Bryce Courtenay to make three cloisonne enamel brooches illustrating the main character from his new novel - 'Fortune Cookie'.   As I do not usually make overtly representational work, I was a little reluctant, but Bryce was persuasive and encouraging.  After a few days researching, drawing, and testing enamels, I thought that I would be able to make something beautiful for him.

The brief was very specific - it was to be a picture of a beautiful Chinese woman wearing a black cheongsam sitting in a peacock feather cane chair with part of a shapely leg showing.  Red shoes, red lips, and possibly a blue lotus or a Singapore orchid as well.

I supplied a drawing which was well received and then made three almost identical copies of the brooch.  The final pieces are cloisonné enamel set in sterling silver bezels 62mm x 46mm. The commission was very enjoyable and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of creating a realistic picture and extending my skills with tiny pieces of cloisonne wire. 

The book 'Fortune Cookie' by Bryce Courtenay was released November 15 2010.

News - May 2010

broochA brooch from the ‘In The Garden’ series recently won The Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum Award, at the 23rd International Cloisonne Jewellery Exhibition in Japan. 

The brooch is one of a series of 8 brooches in the theme of the visual pleasures of the garden, and featured pink tourmalines and peridot set into the enamel.

News – October 2009

Brooch - In The GardenA brooch from my ‘In The Garden’ series recently won the award for 'Contemporary Jewellery, predominately precious metal'  at the recent A&E Metal Merchants fourth annual survey exhibition, Explorations 09.   The exhibition was at Gaffa Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney and is moving to Guildford Lane Gallery in Melbourne from 3 December 2009.   Prizes to the value of $1000 worth of A&E Metal Merchants products were won in three categories - Contemporary Jewellery, predominately precious materials,  Contemporary Jewellery, predominately non-precious materials and Hollowware and Objects

The winning piece - a brooch from my recent solo exhibition at Makers Mark in Melbourne was from a series of multicoloured brooches containing lush gemstones and illustrating the visual pleasures of the garden and are observations of plant and floral forms and seasonal change.

News - February 2009


My framed cloisonné enamel miniature titled ‘Migration’ has been awarded a Special Award at the 42nd International Enamelling Art Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in Tokyo Japan.    414 artworks from 18 countries were entered. 
'Migration' deals with the movement, relationships and interdependence of different life forms on this planet.  The piece is 180mm x 60mm (400mm x 290mm framed).

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